Personalized Learning to Help Your Child Succeed


Our Director meets with each student and family for an in-person initial consultation to asses academic and behavioral needs.

Personalized Plan

We review all prior IEP’s, assessments, therapy reports, and behavior plans to create a personalized learning plan and schedules for each student.


Teachers, staff, therapists and parents regularly communicate and collaborate to meet each student’s changing needs and to support them in reaching their academic goals.


We review each student’s goals at our bi-weekly team meetings and provide academic-year support for our students and their families as part of our program.

Our Parents Say It Best

The Maor staff made the effort to understand how my child truly learns. They really took the time to get to know him so he would enjoy his learning environment, and I believe that was the key to his academic success this past year.
Thank you for creating a positive and inclusive environment, my wife and I are amazed at the level of care and work the staff puts in to help our son achieve his goals

As a parent, I struggled to find the right environment where my child could learn and thrive. After many months of online learning, Maor Academy provided the individualized on site learning my child needed to succeed.
Thank you Maor Academy for providing my child with such an engaging program. My child wakes up every morning excited to go to Maor and learn.